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As we've been rated one of the Barnsley's best private hire taxi and airport transfer companies, we're inundated with transfer bookings and enquires all year round. However, we're always on hand to assist you with any queries you may have in regards to Redline Travel or the services that we offer.

As a company we won't take on any bookings that we can't fulfill, we're not like your general taxi companies that will constantly keep taking bookings and leave you the customer waiting.

For all enquires, quotations, or to book any private hire taxis or transfers you can contact us in several ways. this can either be via Email, Text, Facebook, WhatsApp or if you would prefer the old fashion way, then pick up the Phone and give us a call. The choice is yours, you can reach us which ever way is convenient for you.

When making any sort of booking with us, we don't require you to make a deposit. However, if you the customer wishes to make a payment, then we can offer you several different ways of doing so.

WAYS TO PAY - We accept payments via PayPal, bank transfer, over phone virtual terminal, emailed invoice payments, QR code payments, Secure checkout powered by Square, wish to process the payment yourself, please find link below. Also some of our vehicles are fitted with iZettle chip and pin card readers. However, if you prefer than your more than welcome to pay the driver direct with cash.

NO HIDDEN FEES - When booking and paying for any taxi travel services with us, there will be no hidden costs. All parking fees and waiting time is included in our service, price your quoted will be the price you pay, giving you that extra peace of mind on the day.

FREE CANCELLATION - If for any reason your plans change, or your no longer able to travel, you can cancel your booking reservation with us free of charge.

BOOKING IN ADVANCE - We work on an advanced appointment booking system only, so it’s worth booking your taxis and airport transfers well in advance to guarantee availability.


Below are just a few ways your able to pay!
Virtual Terminal

This Software turns our computer system into a credit & debit card terminal, allowing us to manually process payments.

Chip & Pin Reader

Here at redline travel when onboard our vehicles 95% are now fitted with chip & pin card readers making payment far easier.

QR Code Payment

QR Code payments, simply scan the qr code and away you go, unable to scan then simply click the link provided. PAY NOW

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+44(0)1226 202611

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